Life Recovery Solutions
Mission, Vision & Purpose

Mission, Vision & Purpose


  • To divert targeted offender populations (jail, probation, parole, and state prison) into a secure, intensive program using peer mentors as real-life models, cognitive behavior therapy and social learning theory model interventions
  • To evoke and empower a change in global functioning and modify offender beliefs, thinking, and behavior
  • To provide transition/reentry services as required to reintegrate pro-social citizens into the community


An effective, recovery-oriented system that will empower the men and women in the South Carolina criminal justice system (jails and prison) to overcome their criminality, addiction, alcoholism, and mental health issues and live a productive, prosocial life.

Program Purpose

To empower each participant to achieve the freedom and power (through psychoeducation, cognitive behavioral therapy, social learning theory treatment methods, concepts, recovery tools, and life skills) to make informed decisions and take life-changing action on those decisions to protect and expand what the participant values and loves.